Let your customers contact your support via SMS, WhatsApp or email.


Customers and consumers prefer one-on-one conversations and, at the same time, efficient resolving of their support requests. In contrast to telephone support, where every request is always processed 1-to-1 and others have to wait in the queue, with chatbots, messaging apps and SMS several customers can be looked after in real-time and asynchronously.

This not only saves resources for customer service, but also enables much simpler support that your customers will appreciate. Should the personal voice call be required or preferred, the multichannel customer support still offers the option of switching to voice level.

Offer your customers a variety of contact options.

Sales kontaktieren


With a single point of customer information, all data come together centrally in one system.

Centralized and smooth customer care can provide a more positive experience, even with complaint requests.

Single Point of Information Service

Standard queries, automated dialogues and chatbots offer immediate availability.

If the system cannot help the customer, it seamlessly transfers their query to a dedicated live agent.

Chatbot Kundenservice

Social media, messaging services and chatbots are not only used privately, but also by companies.

Customers carefully consider which channel to use for their request, often choosing the chat form for simple and quick conversations.

Messenger Support


If you can offer your customers seamless communication via different channels, you will bring the customer experience to a new level.

Multichannel Omnichannel

The omnichannel approach allows your employees to be on the same page about your customers everywhere. Regardless of whether the customer sends an SMS or calls – you always know what a customer needs.

Even when defining the customer journey, you can determine the optimal channel for each step. This helps you know where the communication with a customer is at all times, and thus answer any questions competently.


Expand your CRM, ticketing or shop system with our multichannel customer service solution.

By using new channels, you can reach new user groups and increase the satisfaction of existing customers.

Integrierter CRM Kundendienst

Performance Analytics helps you optimize the efficiency of your support team.

Track the interactions across all channels and reduce unnecessary loss of time to ensure your customers get a better, more efficient support.

Performance Analytics

Enable your employees to offer the best customer support on the most popular communication channels of today.