Increase customer loyalty with personalized conversations on mobile channels.


Individual offers and active communication – this is how you make your customers feel appreciated. Channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger make it possible to nurture relationships and track customer journeys through conversations. These channels are very effective because of particularly high open rates and response rates – since everybody uses them daily, all the time.

Conversational or dialogue marketing through mobile channels is aimed directly at your recipients. This will make your offers appear more personal and meet your customers on an equal footing. Also, you can track customers’ reactions to personalize your offers and increase sales.

Extend your CRM capabilities to achieve better campaign performance using mobile dialogue marketing.



Special days or occasions are ideal for starting a dialogue.

Festivities like Halloween, birthdays or a nice weather weekend give you a chance to get in touch with your customers directly and promote specific offers.

Getimte Weekend Marketing Kampagne

With personalized follow-ups or messages related to their purchasing behavior, customers feel that you care about their specific needs.

Discount codes or product recommendations according to customer personal interests promise the best reaction and conversion rates.

Webshop Produkt Followup

In order to enter into a dialogue with customers, replies to campaigns should be made easy.

With their appealing reply templates and call-to-action buttons, rich messaging apps offer the best prerequisites for running efficient conversational marketing.

Messenger UI Antwortvorlagen

Dialogue marketing stands for all marketing activities that promote an interactive relationship between companies and customers.

With short and concise offer campaigns, you increase the chances of success for upselling.

Increase your brand awareness by promoting reactions to your products and marketing campaigns playfully.

Spielerische Kundeninteraktion

Customers feel valued when the conversation is tailored to their needs.

Assign your customers to specific profiles in order to automatically address them personally with targeted offers.

Kundenprofile und Kundendialog
CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Our mobile messaging platform has been developed for easy integration into existing CRM systems.

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

All campaigns are tracked from the time of sending to the conversion, so that its success can be measured accurately.



With seamless communication across all mobile channels, you can reach your customers wherever they are.

Mobile dialogue marketing strengthens your customer relationships in the long term and creates trust.