Two-factor authentication: user-friendly SMS right to your personal mobile number


Many companies are protecting their users’ sensitive data with two-factor authentication (2FA) via SMS. Sending transaction numbers (mTAN) or one-time passwords (OTP) via SMS is particularly popular because the verification is carried out simply via one’s own mobile phone, without any additional apps or hardware.

Two-step verification enhances the usual registration or login via personal data such as an email and password, adding a new security step – an SMS confirmation message to the user’s own mobile number.

To access such accounts unauthorized, hackers would have to overcome two hurdles at the same time: determine your password, which only you know, and access your personal mobile phone, which is usually at hand and can be locked if lost.

Two-factor authentication offers a double-layered protection for accessing to the Internet. For this, SMS messages with access codes are sent to mobile phones.


Highest deliverability

Our messaging platform guarantees delivery within seconds, and ensures the highest deliverability rates worldwide. With SMS in particular, you can achieve practically 100% delivery rates.

Weltweit garantierte Zustellbarkeit

Easy to integrate

The 2-factor verification method can easily be integrated into existing login procedures and systems. This way, you guarantee additional security for your users with a professional level of authentication.


Integrierbar in andere Login Verfahren

mTAN via Voice messages

The login or transaction number can also be sent via Voice. Our system differentiates mobile from landline numbers and can send an SMS or voice message accordingly.

Transaktionsnummer per Sprachnachricht

Straightforward and simple

Your own mobile phone is practically always beside you. Using it for authentication with SMS is therefore locally independent and available quickly, without any additional apps or hardware.

Benutzerfreundliche Authentifizierung

One-time passwords (OTP) via SMS enable logins without passwords and authorization of profile changes, requiring only a personal mobile number.


Increase the level of security with two-step verification.