Crossword puzzles via SMS, Voice and Web

Ratselteilnahme via SMS, Voice und Web Referenzprojekt

In cooperation with the Coop newspaper, crossword puzzles and prize games are implemented simply and easily. Mobiletechnics provided the complete technical solution for participation.

Crossword puzzle with different participation options

If you have successfully found the answer to the crossword puzzle and want to submit it, you have three different options:

First, you can send the answer to a short code number via SMS.

The second option, especially popular with those who have a fixed telephone, is that the answer can be communicated over the phone, by submitting a voice message. The third option is simply entering the answer into a form on the Coop newspaper website.

In order to include all generations, children can fill out a children’s crossword puzzle online for free and win a symbolic prize. Participation via the web is free. With the other two methods, participants are charged a small amount. This is charged via the mobile phone subscription or the fixed phone operator. The simplicity and low costs increase the number of participants.

Technical solution

Mobiletechnics provides the technical solution for participation via SMS, voice, and web. All participants are merged together and the winners are drawn automatically via our system. This allows the Coop newspaper to hold contests easily and with the least possible effort.

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