Mobile PostFinance

Linking PostFinance and mobile phone accounts allows for a direct ordering process by simply sending a designated keyword to a short number. Once the PostFinance customers associate their mobile phone with their PostFinance account, the ordering process is simple, fast and effective.

It’s time to get technical

  1. The customer orders your product or service with a simple text message (by sending a keyword to a short number).
  2. MOBILEtechnics authenticates the transaction on 
your behalf to PostFinance.
  3. If the customer’s private account has sufficient funds, the purchase amount is reserved.
  4. MOBILEtechnics sends the purchase confirmation to the customer and the order to you.
  5. You deliver the ordered product or service to the customer.
  6. You receive a credit for the purchased amount over the next few days.
  7. MOBILEtechnics collects the fee for performed service.