HTML5 Web Applications

HTML5 web applications present the newest smartphone trend. Instead of developing a native application for each platform, we create a platform-independent mobile HTML5 web portal for your business. MOBILEtechnics employs experts in HTML5 that can implement your mobile website with virtually any advanced feature of a native application:

With our expertise and experience, we can create HTML5 applications that will deliver the same user experience as native applications.

Hybrid apps

Along with HTML5 applications, MOBILEtechnics develops hybrid apps that combine the best of both worlds (HTML5 and native applications). Your application will have a native skeleton with an HTML5 web view within. This way you will be able to sell and market your app through app stores, but the heart of the application will still be a platform-independent HTML5 web application. The way MOBILEtechnics has perfected HTML5 and hybrid applications, your users will not even realize the application they are enjoying is not 100% native.