Augmented Reality

Few years ago, the thought of GPS, compass, mobile broadband internet, camera, and a gyroscope all in an affordable mobile phone seemed inconceivable. Today, every smartphone has exactly that and, even more so, it combines all those functions to create Augmented Reality in real time. You can look through the camera of your phone and in real time see points of interests, cardinal points, directions…. Crazy world, isn’t it?

What is augmented reality?

Remember Terminator? And the way he viewed the world? The way he would immediately get all data on anything he looked at displayed over his line of sight? That’s basically Augmented Reality (AR).

The pictures from the real world are augmented with computer generated sensory data: Augmented_reality

That way you get an interactive and digitally adaptable image of the world around you. If you still can’t imagine how AR can be used in the real world (if we forget about Terminator for a second), imagine a replay of an offside in a soccer game or a replay of an out in a tennis match. The virtual line that is put over the real footage helps you see the out or the offside. That’s the most simple version of AR.

You can create an application with built in Augmented Reality or implement it into your mobile internet web page, and provide a whole new, augmented world for your customers. Contact us to find out how.